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New post will be posted to targeted Google plus account

Posted by | 10:04 AM
A several days ago, we discussed about how to create Google plus page . And now the time to discuss ...

Create google plus page for your blog

Posted by | 6:42 AM
With google plus page we can keep in touch with our blog readers which mean we will be able to kee...

Basic tips how to use blogger template designer

Posted by | 5:51 AM
In we can customize our blog template even though we know nothing about coding (html, c...

Show extensions for known file types, for HTML file editing purpose

Posted by | 5:27 AM
A several times ago i posted about HTML syntax which in the content (in 1st part of " note &qu...

My lab code

Posted by | 4:25 AM
I use this page to view all codes that frequently used in my blog 1 . To highlight code or words <p class="alert"> My...